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The nss58 Project

Nigel has been a professional freelance drummer since 2007. He has played with numerous acts and renowned musicians including Giovanni Amighetti (Ace, David Rhodes, Shan Qi), Pier Bernardi (Ace of Skunk Anasie), The Roulettes, James Coppolaro (Sergey Lazarev), Damon Butcher (The Beautiful South) Jay Ebby East and session work for the Middlesex University House Band. You can hear him on a range of albums on several of the recordings by the experimental progressive rock and metal band The nss58 Project. Nigel continues to compose and perform music for the nss58 project.

Nigel has played a wide range of styles from modern jazz, latin, rock, electronic and metal. He has studied drums and percussion at Colchester Institute and music at The Open University, ARU and LSBU. He has completed an MA Music at Middlesex University for which he gained a distinction. He has also taught drums at Middlesex University on their BA Music Degree and Bmus.

Nigel has composed music for drum play along books which explore the development of the drum set in terms of performance. He has written several drum worksheet packs and books for developing skills in drum basics to advanced skills in Metal and Prog Rock. He also produces music for a wide range of styles from Jazz, Classical, Latin to Metal and progressive rock. He has also composed music for the media and written over 200 piece of music.

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