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Niel Thomas

Niel Thomas was born and raised in Washington, D.C. Every since he can remember, Niel has been banging, whether on pots & pans in his mother’s kitchen, a snare drum in the marching band, on stage at local nightclubs, or at Sunday morning church service.

At the young age of 11, Niel made his on-stage debut with Plain and Simple, a local Go-Go band. When Plain and Simple was offered a recording contract with Universal Records, Niel just knew he was on the fast-track to fame. Although the deal went sour, this did not deter Niel’s love for music. While attending Eastern Senior High School, Niel was a member of Eastern's Jazz Band as well as "The Blue and White Marching Machine”, one of the best high school marching bands around. While with the marching band, Niel had the opportunity to march in various parades around the DC Metro Area and even at Mardi Gras in New Orleans, LA.

In 1998, Niel began playing with Raw Image, another local Go-Go band. In 2002, Raw Image had one of the hottest Go-Go singles on the radio, "Shake It Out,” which WPGC's Flexx and Rane had to retire from their "Battle of the Beats" segment. After leaving Raw Image, Niel went on to become a member of TCB and created "The Bounce Beat." This "Bounce Beat" has inspired what is referred to as "New Generation Go-Go.” While with TCB, Niel was afforded the opportunity to perform with countless national recording artists such as Raheem DeVaughn, Mike Jones, Paul Wall, Slim Thug, T.I., and Jim Jones.

In 2007, Niel left TCB and went on a very short musical hiatus during which time Niel realized the instrumental role that music plays in his life. With music at the forefront of his thoughts he confessed that music is his first true love. Taking a different avenue, Niel found himself playing the drums at several local churches. While working his way back into performing, he knew that playing at local churches was only the beginning of a multitude of blessings to come from his love of music. With an outpouring of love that music has placed in his life, it was only natural for Niel to share his musical knowledge. Devoting his Saturday mornings to giving drum lessons to children at an area music school further exemplifies the extension in which music has blessed him, and as a result blessed others through him.

With an undeniable urge to foresee his vision of a band realized, Niel expanded his horizon and created his own project, Musically Inclined. Niel’s trajectory for his project is built on a foundation where musicians are free to exercise creativity and showcase their talent. As a visionary in his own right, Niel’s audacious vision for this project will unmistakably serve as a catalyst for the future of his band. In an arena where egos often overpower talent, Niel set out to find musicians from different musical backgrounds that are just as serious about their craft as he is.