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Nicolas Veis

Dope Out

Nicolas "Madd" Veis was born January 2nd 1988 in the Suburb of Paris, France. He started playing guitar at the age of 14 during high school, then he quickly switched to drums at the age of 16.

He played with some little bands in a lot of different styles such as pop, grunge, hard rock, symphonic metal, progressive metal, trash metal, and finally joined his actual heavy rock band called Dope Out in 2015.

He also played as live session drummer for some solo artists, and for the electro-indus band "ShaĆ¢rghot" during a few months.

He joined for a short period the massive percussion band "Les Tambours du Bronx".

His 5 major influences as drummer are Dave Grohl, John Bonham, Mike Portnoy, Joey Jordison and Gavin Harrison.

My Soultone Set: 

20" Explosion Ride
14" Explosion Hi Hat
8" Explosion Splash
18" Explosion Crash
16" Explosion Crash
15" Explosion Crash
18" Explosion China