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Nicolas Polo

Nicolas Matias Polo was born in October 24th 1983 at Quilmes city. He started playing drums at the age of 12, since then he´s been studying with several teachers. Among them Fernando Scarcella (Rata Blanca, Luis Salinas, Hypnosis). His influences go from Heavy-Hard Rock (Guns ´n Roses, Megadeth, Racer X, Pantera, etc) to Funk or Pop (Tower Of Power, Toto, etc).

Since 2002 Nicolas has been the drummer for the Argentinian Heavy Metal band called Dream Master. He recorded the first Dream Master record Released in March 2005 called “Dream Master”. And then released an EP in 2006 called “Children Of Tomorrow”. In this song he shows the style of his 80’s influences. At the moment the band is mixing their second Record, that will be released in 2008.

Some of his inlfuences are Jeff Porcaro, Mike Portnoy, Mike Terrana, Matt Sorum, Nick Menza, Scott Travis, Chad Smith and John Blackwell.

In his personal life he likes sports and business. He offers guidance of leadership and personal development for universities and enterprises.

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