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Nicky Keogh

Nicky Keogh is a multi instrumentalist from Newbridge Co.Kildare in Ireland. He plays drums, piano, bass, guitar and Irish bouzouki.
Growing up in a home filled with music from both sides of his family it was from the age of 4 when he began to take an interest in music while learning some basic keyboard skills from his grandmother. However it was inevitable that drumming would be his true calling as he always had a natural love for rhythm and beats which brought him to the local marching band aged 10.
"From there I really began to love the art of drumming which led me to start studying my grades from the Royal College of Music-London graduating with grade 8 aged 18".
Nicky began to play professionally from the age of 17 with various local bands slowly building his live gigging experience and growing his name on the scene locally. Throughout his early 20"s and to this day Nicky has been an independent session musician both live and in the studio for some of the top bands in Ireland touring both nationally and internationally as a drummer mainly while also covering other instruments as needed.
As of May 2020 Nicky graduated with a BA Hons Music degree from the Technological University of Dublin and he continues to hone his skills while teaching and playing both live and in the studio.
"I am very grateful for this opportunity to become a Soultone Cymbals artist and to be placed on a roster alongside some of the biggest names in drumming is a real honour for me."

Testimonial- Soultone Cymbals are different to other brands I have tried because of their unique sound and look. Their versatility offers a cymbal sound to suit any music plus they are handmade and even personalised to suit the drummers needs.
Soultone are 100 percent the best cymbals I have tried.
I love Soultone Cymbals for their unique sound and look they offer. Each cymbal is handmade to suit the drummers needs and can be personalised with a name or logo if desired. I believe they are superior to other brands as they cater for all music styles and each series has a very cool unique look to them.
Other drummers should try Soultone Cymbals for their warmth and because they look like no other cymbals so they definitely stand out!
Soultone have helped me as a drummer by exposing me to the public online and on social media which has been really beneficial.
Artist relations have been highly professional and helpful to me and I would like to say thanks to Lior and everyone at Soultone Cymbals for giving me this opportunity!

My Soultone Set: 

14 inch Abby Hi-Hats
16 inch Abby Crash
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