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The Shakers

Nick Woods is a wildly energetic drummer with an infectious groove based out of Los Angeles. He was born in Santa Monica, CA, and grew up in Telluride, CO, San Francisco, CA, and Prescott, AZ. He first picked up sticks around the age of 9. After a boost of inspiration from Jon Theodore of The Mars Volta and John Bonham of Led Zeppelin, Nick hit the ground running at 17 pursuing his love for drumming and the dream of being able to inspire others with his playing just as his idols did for him. Nick graduated from high school in Prescott in 2006 and moved back to Los Angeles to study performance in percussion at Musician’s Institute. He graduated with an Associate’s Degree from MI in 2008 and received the “Most Outstanding Player” award for his class.

After graduating Nick experimented in a few original bands dabbling with different styles, mostly with fellow peers he had met while studying at MI. He was a founding member of the Los Angeles based band Cityzen, and spent over 3 years playing with them. During that time the band recorded their debut record with Robert Carranza (The Mars Volta, Beck, Jack Johnson, Ozomatli). After Robert heard Nick playing in the studio, he referred him to Omar Rodriguez-Lopez of The Mars Volta who were in search of a new touring drummer. Due to circumstances at the time, The Mars Volta found another drummer before Nick had the opportunity to get in the studio with them but he was honored to be considered as they were a huge influence on his playing.

While playing with Cityzen Nick was discovered by guitarist Chris Lee from Philadelphia and was asked to join his new project, The Shakers. After juggling both Cityzen and The Shakers for a couple of years, Nick decided to part ways with Cityzen in order to put all of his energy into The Shakers. Nick is a firm believer in independent bands and wanted to be able to contribute not only his playing abilities but also assist with all the other aspects that make an independent band successful on the business side. He continues to play with and work for The Shakers, LLC. The group is melodic high-energy rock n roll with a soulful backbone. The Shakers continue to gain attention across the country with their catchy and original sound that has been described as AC/DC meets The Supremes, or The Black Keys meets Heart.