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Hi, my name is Nick Porcaro, like Jeff and Steve Porcaro from the Grammy award winning band Toto. As a youth, I first learned to read music at Yamaha Music School, in Orange County California. When I was 10 years old, drum classes were offered at my elementary school and I performed in concert band, and we put on performances for the students, faculty and parents. I continued to perform in the school concert band through Junior high school. In 8th grade, I formed my first band and we wrote our own music and wrote a song called, “Resurrection”. I continued to play drums in that band for 2 years. We did performances at parties. Then I was in a Rock/Metal band that played covers for about 10 years. I continued my music education in college, even though my major was in business administration. I still took music classes, i.e. History of Rock & Roll and American Popular Music, just to name a few. After that I joined a Guns & Roses tribute band for 2 years and played parties and gigs. Ironically, we rehearsed across the street from Yamaha’s corporate office in Buena Park, California! Then I joined another Rock cover band with some of the best musicians in the Orange County area. The last 2 years, I have been teaching drums to adults and playing drums in a Worship band for Friends Church Fullerton.

My Soultone Set: 

14" Custom Brilliant Crash
8" Custom Brilliant Splash
10" Custom Brilliant Splash
20" Abby Ride
18" Abby Crash
16" Abby Crash
14" Abby Hi Hat Pair

Worship set :

20" Romy Ride
16" Romy Crash
14" Romy Hi Hat Pair

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