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Nick Mitchell

Nick Mitchell

Like most young African American drummers, Nick grew up playing in the church. It all started at Gethsemane Baptist Church when his older cousin, Shawn Brown stole his older brother, Greg Brown’s drum set. He did it so the church can have a music ministry consisting Shawn and the Pastors son Oronde Smith. At the age of 2 Nick consumed the rhythm of music and the beat of the drums. One day his cousin, Shawn sat little big Nick on his lap with sticks in his hands making Nick’s first appearance on a drum set. Nick is now the full time drummer at Gethsemane Baptist Church in West New York, NJ. Since the day he sat on his cousin’s lap and until now, Nick has developed into the drummer he is today.

Throughout the years of playing Nick has played on the same stage as some of the biggest Gospel stars today. Some stars such as Tye Tribbett, Kirk Franklin, and more. He has also had the chance to back up the legendary Dorothy Norwood.

Some of Nick’s influences are George “Spanky” McCurdy, Brent “Beast” Easton, Pudge Tribbett, Chris Coleman, Aaron Spears, ?uestlove, Darrell Robinson, and Rex Hardy.

Along with being a Soultone Cymbal endorsee, Nick plays Vic Firth sticks, Evans Drumheads, DW and PDP drums and hardware.