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Nicholas Talarico

Nicholas Talarico


"30 years, and I've found the company that brings out every necessity in my musical voice. Soultone is IT."

Following in his father's footsteps, Nick's life-long drumming journey has had two clear objectives. To expand the boundaries of his artistic creativity and push the limits of his musical ability.

"With my parents help, it all came naturally. My house was filled with music, so this was something I was merely given the option of. They said I ran with it."

He's currently the drummer of central, NY Progressive/Metal quintet MYTHORYA, aswell as a local session player, and drum set/orchestral percussion instructor.

Find him on ALL social media platforms:

Hero Drumworks
Scorpion Percussion
Soultone Cymbals

My Soultone Set: 

18" Custom Brilliant Ride
16" Extreme China
16" Custom Brilliant Crash
16" Old K Crash
15" Extreme Crash
13" Vintage Old School Hi-Hats
10" Extreme Splash
10" Custom China/6" Vintage Splash (Stack)