Ampliphied Noiz

Navari Jones was born in Bessemer, AL where he was also born into music. Quartet Gospel was the genre of music that Navari was raised on in the church and was also the genre that grabbed his interest in becoming a drummer. As Navari beat on chairs in the church with broken sticks his family knew he would be a great drummer. His Mother Vanessa Jones Reed, his aunts: Geraldine Taylor, Dorothy Lark, Saditra Lark, and other great women who he looked up to as mother figures formed a quartet group called The Five Silver Queens. His cousin Gerald Peddigrew was the drummer, and his aunt Geraldine Taylor played the piano and sung with a big voice. His cousin Gerald was known as the kid who killed the drums. He showed Navari how to hold drumsticks, gave him his first drum set, and even let Navari play the slow songs to get him into the swing of things. This made Navari fall more in love with wanting to become a drummer and inspired him to want to be one of the best! His father George Franklin was known around the country as one of the best quartet singers of his time. He also was part of a well-known group called Mose Tanksley and The Spiritual Crusaders. Navari's brother Maurice Caffee was the drummer for Mose Tanksley and The Spiritual Crusaders and was known as one of the baddest drummers in Birmingham, AL. Maurice Caffee, a brother and father figure, taught Navari a lot about becoming a solid drummer. He taught him about the different drum techniques like timing, playing pocket, and rim shot. He made sure he had the top of the line equipment and made sure he knew how to express himself on drums. Playing with his father’s group was Navari’s dream as a boy and when he got older, he recorded with Mose Tanksley and The Gospel Crusaders on their last album as the drummer in place for his brother Maurice while he was overseas fighting for his country with the Army. Over time Navari would become the boy in Birmingham, AL with a solid boom boom pop! Navari attended workshops with recording artists Charles Diggins and Billy D Harvey who were two great musicians who had a big influence and impact in gospel music in Birmingham, AL.
At the age of 13, Navari started playing drums at his home church First Baptist Church Carver where he still had to take turns playing drums with another drummer until one day the second drummer didn’t show up and Navari showed out!! That day the pastor Rev Jeffery Braxton, the deacons, and the choir all wanted to Navari to be the sole drummer for the church and that became his first full-time gig. After a couple of years, an organist by the name of Arthur Beard was hired. He helped Navari perfect his craft, and challenged him to become the best. They became best friends and they were known in the city as the best Duo in the gospel game!!! Being influenced and inspired to do and grow more as a drummer, Navari was introduced to and became the drummer for local Birmingham choirs such as The Sounds of Birmingham, Revelation, DFC, Higher Standards, Elements of Worship, and Birmingham Mass. Through these choirs, Navari played with and for a lot of great artists and was introduced to a bigger arena of drumming. He was soon introduced to the GMWA( Gospel Music Workshop Of America) where he met mind-blowing drummers such as Aaron Spears, Thomas Pridgen, and many more who inspired Navari to take his craft to another level. While perfecting his craft, Navari started to fall in love with other genres of music such as Neo Soul, R&B, Blues, and Jazz, the music that he grew up listening to in the house as a kid and teenager.
Navari decided to go to college at Eastern Kentucky University, where he played college football and minored in Music. His love for music made him eager to return home and he picked his sticks back up and got to work with continuing to perfect his craft. During this time Navari was introduced to and played with Gospel artists, Prince Yelder, James Bignun, Kirk Franklin, Dottie Peoples, and Dorothy Norwood, and recorded with her. By this time Navari had recorded with several local groups. Navari went on to become well-known in the south and one of the top drummers in his city. He played drums with several local artists such as Just A Few Cats, Logan The Entertainer, Dani, Nadia Tellis, Deidra Geddis, Kabibi, Wilisha Washington, Jaya, Black and Mild, Alicia Mashell, G Child, and many more.
Currently, Navari Jones is the drummer for band Ampliphied Noiz and you can find him playing at his current home church Hopewell Missionary Baptist Church where Dr. Edward Rogers Sr. is the pastor. Navari currently maintains a schedule as a drum clinician, drum teacher, and making shed appearances all over the country. He also serves as a mentor and big brother to many up and coming drummers and musicians. Recently Navari was endorsed with and signed as a drum artist with cymbal company SOUL TONE. His artist page is up along with other great drummers who are signed with SOUL TONE such as Nick Smith(Snoop Dogg), Steven Adler(Guns N’ Roses), Terry Tee {Independent), and John Garrett(Mariah Carey), just to name a few. His resume includes the likes of artists, American Idol Winner Ruben Studdard, Alvin Garrett, Lil G (Silkk), Phillipia, Tony Terry, Keith Sweat, Sir Charles, Kay Mashell, Karen Klark, and many more.

My Soultone Set: 

20" Abby Ride
18" Abby Crash
16" Abby Crash
14" Abby Hi Hat Pair