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Hall of the Elders

Nate Wilson was born in Atlanta, Georgia. He was inspired to play drums after hearing such artists as Aaron Gillespie, Jordan Mancino, and Riley Breckenridge. After finally retiring his first drum set (which happened to be a skateboard) he played with various start up bands around Florida and New Jersey.
In 2004, he formed a band in Jacksonville, Florida with a few of his friends that were all fresh out of high school called Burn Your Ego. The band lived strong for as long as you would expect in any young adults life. They played shows around the Jacksonville area for a year and released one demo. After the group split because of differences, Nate and one of the guitarists moved to the NYC area.

In 2007, Nate was told about a band in the Jersey City area that was desperately searching for a drummer by carrying a sign around Manhattan. His number was slipped to one of the members and a tryout happened almost instantly. This is about the time a light went off inside his head and drumming really became a passion. The band formed was named The Vitamin Dance Party. The band surged quickly, playing shows all over New York and New Jersey. In the latter part of 2007/ early 2008 the band went into the studio and created their first E.P.

In 2008, Nate joined the U.S. Navy and played as much as he could in his spare time for almost nine years.

In 2016, Nate auditioned to be in a metal band called Kill the Mime in the Hampton Roads area and has been apart of the group ever since. They are currently in the studio finishing their first E.P., which should be released in late summer. When they aren’t in the recording studio you can find them shredding up a local venue or supporting the local music scene.

Now in 2018, residing back in his home-state he is traveling with the band Hall of the Elders, which is set for two tours through the East Coast and through Florida for March and April.

Nate endorses and plays exclusively Soultone cymbals, Trick Drums kick pedals, and Vater drumsticks.

My Soultone Set: 

20" Custom Ride
18" Custom China
17" Custom Crash
16" Custom Crash
10" Custom Splash
14" Custom Hi Hats