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Natalie Duarte

Natalie Duarte (born 14th September 1979) is an Australian-born drummer, now based in Sweden. Brought up in a family with a love of music, it would be many years till Natalie found her way to a drum kit. But music was always in her blood. Her grandmother, a pianist, headed her own band in the 1940s, & would play at family gatherings. “One of my earliest memories of my grandmother was of her playing piano. We would sit around her as she played for us at Christmas. It is definitely a fond memory.”

After a few years of flirting with guitar, bass & piano, Natalie finally bought herself her first drumkit at the age of 27. “A little late, I know. I'm still in my infancy when it comes to drumming.” Natalie says. “It was always the instrument I wanted to play, but didn't have the means to. When I finally could, I did. & I knew I'd found it. I'd found my instrument.”

Finding drive & inspiration through metal, & inspired by drummers such as Dave Lombardo, Gene Hogan & Gylve Nagell, Natalie strived to make up for time seemingly lost. Playing daily, taking lessons & teaching herself through learning others' songs, Natalie is determined to not just be a great female drummer, but a great drummer.

While in Australia, Natalie joined her brother's band, Virgo Rising, an alternative-pop outfit based in Sydney. After moving to Sweden in August '10, she auditioned for Goth-Metal outfit Myrah. “Pretty much as soon as I landed. Friends of mine are in the band, & they were looking for a drummer. I was looking for a band. Perfect timing.” After a month of rehearsals, they invited her to be a permanent member of the band.

Since then, they've released 'My Deliverance', the follow-up EP to 2010's debut album, 'Six Feet Down'. Myrah are currently working on new material for a new album. Having toured in Sweden, Germany, & Norway, Natalie's career, along with Myrah's, is on the up & up.