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Misael Hilal

Misael Hilal

My name is Misael Hilal, I was born in Argentina in August, 1984.

My first contact with music was through my parents when I was just a child. At eight years of age I decided I wanted to be a drummer and I nine I received my first professional instrument from professor Ariel Martinez, thanks also to the trust my parents bestowed upon me. After a while I entered into the Berklee College of Music, and currently I continue perfecting my skills under the tutelage of Pepi Tavara and Sebastián Hoyos. With regards to my professional carreer, I worked as the live drummer for the musical comedy “La Tiendita del Horror” (“Little Shop of Horrors”), the drummer for the singer Daniela Herrero and for the singer/songwriter Mariano Custodio, as a musician for the artists on “Operacion Triunfo”, and as the drummer for the band “Holly Piby”, among others.

I dedicate some of my time to producing bands, to teaching, and I am a session player for recording studios.

Currently I am working in the public sector as the drummer for the international singer/songwriter AXEL, while at the same time perfecting my musical craft in two jazz fusion bands of my creation; New Jam Trio, and La Triple P.

BAND: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w3DgDqPAAWk

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