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My name is Milan Macek and I am the drummer from Slovakia in Europe. I play on the drums about 10 years and I'ved never visit any music school to learn how to play on the drums. I have collect all my experiences by playing in the bands and practicing by watching some cool drum videos!

• I´ve recorded 3 CD"s (percussions+drums), 1 live CD, 1 live DVD and some singles....
• I organized and lead drum session/workshops for drummers involved In the church and christian music for 2 times;
• Me and my band Out of Control did the band tour over the Slovakia with some UK"s artists In 2010 and 2012. The tour has visited about 6.000 people (8 cities, 10days, 16concerts!)
• Every year I play around 100 gigs on various events (festivals, clubs, worship events, other projects)

I am a christian and most of my life I play on the drums in gospel bands and projects over the Slovakia. I am well known as the drummer of Slovak's christian rock band called Out of Control (SK) – where I play on the drums by year now. We've record our first EP call „Trees Grow Deeper“ in 2008. And each year we play many concerts in Slovakia, Czech republic and abroad in the countries such as Germany, Poland, Serbia and so on....

My band Out of Control (SK)

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13" Custom Hi Hat
17" Crash FXO 12 FXO
18" Crash Gospel
19" Crash Custom
22" Gospel Ride