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Mikus Asnevics

Mikus Asnevics

Katrine Lukins

Born on 1996, in Latvia. Started playing drums at the age of 11 by taking private lessons. Mikus Drum teacher Andzejs Grauds, one of the most known drummer in Latvia and the founder of the first drum school in Baltic states - ''Andzeja Grauda bungu skola'', has helped him with as much support as he can. He is Mikus biggest influence. After 2 years he started playing at his church, with his Big borther (bass player), who was the one who helped Mikus find drumming fun. From that moment he has played with a lot well known musicians in Latvia like PeR, GG choir, various church bands and so on. Last summer spent playing, touring and recording with on of the biggest Christian Rock Bands in UK - Royal Foundlings. After coming back from playing with them, starts working as a teacher at the drum school he first took drum sticks in his hands. Later that year starts playing with Katrine Lukins, with who Mikus performed at Eurovision Song contest Latvia.

Drum school:

My Soultone Set: 

15" Gospel Hi Hat Pair
20" Custom Brilliant Crash
6" Custom Splash
22" Custom Ride