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Mike Wade

Mike Wade

Gritsmitten is an American experimental pop, alternative R&B project started by Mike Wade, a producer / vocalist from Memphis, Tennessee. The name Gritsmitten comes from Wade’s wife referring to his production style of wanting things to be “gritty” by saying “you seem quite smitten with grit”.

Wade originally released tracks in the chill step electronica genre, followed by an EP titled “Natural” featuring the same electronic feel with acoustic instruments and vocals added in.

After taking a musical hiatus to move back to Memphis and to get married Wade, developed some medical issues. It took some time to diagnose but it was found that he had Lyme disease which caused damage to his autonomic nervous system. While dealing with these medical issues, Wade was secluded to his house. Never leaving and dealing with intensifying depression and anxiety, he turned to writing in a new genre of music. The new style is influenced by artists such as Francis and the lights, Bon Iver, and Mura Masa and has a new alternative R&B, experimental pop feel to it. Wade uses classic piano or Rhodes tones in most tracks and enhances them by adding his effected vocals and live drums to it, to bring a heavy emotional feeling with a minimalistic take on the genre.

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