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Mike Schwartz

Mike Schwartz

Midnight Shine

"I was always that kid tapping my feet and hitting the tables in grade school. I must have annoyed a lot of other classmates. Thankfully, it looks like it's paying off..."

He's come a long ways since banging around on pots and pans to Dire Straits' "Money for Nothing" in front of his parents' Harman Kardon, that's for sure. Canadian Soultone Artist, Mike Schwartz is not your typical drummer. Self-taught just listening to Bonham's crushing grooves on Zeppelin 1, he's managed to recreate a sound all to himself behind the kit.

"Some of my earliest influences were Bonzo, Purdie, Gadd; I was a classic rocker and listened to a lot of the stuff my mom and dad would listen to. Plus I played in jazz band in high school. Then I discovered hip hop, funk and soul. The likes of Benny Greb, Chad Smith and Quest Love filtered into my style and the rest is history..."

To sum up his playing is simple: take an empty dance floor. Give Schwartz a couple measures and watch that floor start to fill up. He drums from his heart. It's in the pocket grooves, excellent meter and an incomparable sense of style. He serves the song. Nothing more. Trademarked by a snapback and high tops, you can feel the passion he puts into the music, whatever the gig. An accomplished session player (notable acts include, Trinity Bradshaw, Matt Blais, Lisa Anderson, Noel Johnson, and The Sweets) he's currently on the road with Canadian roots-rockers, Midnight Shine. Schwartz still holds the live performance and the stage as the best part of playing.

"There's just nothing quite like the thrill of a show. It's the one place that you lay it all out there and you don't get a second chance. You just hit it. I even wrote in my grade 12 yearbook "I'm gonna be a rockstar one day!"

Well, the power of words and positive mindset is strong.

And that holds true for when he's not behind the kit too. Schwartz can be found in the studio or on the road with other artists in his other professional music industry role; the Lifestyle Technician. Likely the most outspoken and persistent forces of the recent musician wellness movement, Schwartz has earned the title of the Trusted Authority of Musician Wellness, speaking on the topic at various international stages including BreakOut West and Canadian Music Week, hosting clinics for musicians at places like Long & McQuade, and grassroots high schools and band programsms. He's a highly sought after panelist for Alberta Music and Music Ontario events and the author of two books related to Musician Wellness; "The Musician's Guide To Surviving The Rock Star Lifestyle" and "Start With U:The 21 Day Self-Love Challenge", both of which can be found online at Amazon.ca or mikeschwartz.ca.

Much more than just a drummer, Mike breathes passion for music, creativity and a zest for life. This comes out in full force through his playing and his commitment to bettering the quality of life of his fellow music industry family.

My Soultone Set: 

22" Vintage Ride, 20" Vintage Crash/Ride, 17" Extreme Crash, 14" Vintage Old School Hats, 10" FXO Splash


Wed 20

That's right, I'll be hitting' the road with Midnight Shine June 20-July 2 with the following stops.

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