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Mike Gerbrandt

Mike Gerbrandt

Mike's first language is music with English a close second as he grew up plunking and writing music before he could speak. In addition to being an independent artist, he's also a music Pastor and has been blessed with the opportunity to minister to groups of tens and groups of thousands both here in the U.S. and worldwide in countries like England & Wales, Albania, El Salvador, Austria and Israel. He studied with the King's University (B.A. Theology/Music minor) but has found God's creation all around him to be the greatest classroom. Mike is fluent with most instruments/genres and has loved seeing their team of about 40 musicians/vocalists develop and use their skills in and outside the Church.
He has always stayed well connected to the music industry through studio session and composition work, independent film scoring, live gigging and recording, plus occasional drum clinics as a Yamaha drums artist (formerly with Sonor drums). Highlights have included recording/producing with Conley Abrams (produced for Michael Jackson), Bruce Witkin (produced with Tim Burton) and David Marks of the Beach Boys.
Mike also developed a "Creative Music Theory" course which he taught for the internship held at New Life Pomona emphasizing the more existential elements of music and the creative processes of the brain.

Mike along with his wife Kristy reside in Azusa with their 3 kids and they enjoy all things music (jamming, writing, recording & producing) as well as family outings like thrift store shopping and ice skating. Mike personally loves hockey, good Chinese food (but NOT sushi), making home movies, "The Blacklist" & "Parks & Rec" on NBC, the UK series "MI5", as well as orangutans and the color rust.

My Soultone Set: 

8" Extreme Splash
18" Vintage Crash
14" Natural Hi Hat Pair
21" Extreme Ride

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