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Mike Cortes

Mike Cortes


Is currently the drummer for Aggravator, a thrash metal band from San Antonio TX. Mike Co-founded Aggravator in 2008 with singer/guitarist Derek Jones. Now with three well received albums (Age of Combat 2012, Populace Destructor 2014, Sterile Existence 2016) and being featured in some of the most renowned metal festivals in the world (Inferno Metal Festival Oslo Norway, Muskelrock Festival Alvesta Sweden, Full Terror Assault II, and Housecore Horror Festival) he is no stranger to the metal community. Mike looks forward to continued success in his music career, writing and playing music throughout the world.

My Soultone Set: 

20" Extreme Mega Bell Ride
18" Extreme Crash
16" Extreme Crash
14" Extreme Hi-Hats
10" Extreme Splash
7" Extreme Splash