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Mike Bryant

Mike Bryant

The weekend warrior wakes at dawn with

fists drawn. He licks his lips, savoring the

lingering taste of the morning. He takes

his coffee black with one sugar in the raw.

Columbus, Ohio's Ease the Medic loosen

their ties and march to battle on the plains

of the Midwest every Friday when the clock

strikes 4:59. Dolly Parton put it best when

she said "Workin' nine-to-five ain't no way to make a livin'."

Ease the Medic has marched with

some of today's top rock mercenaries such

as the legendary Lynyrd Skynyrd, Aberdeen City (Sony), INXS, The Forecast (Victory), The Working Title (Universal), The Receiving End of Sirens (Triple Crown), Envy on the Coast (Photo Finish), Driver Side Impact (Victory), The Felix Culpa, Misery Signals (Ferret), Lola Ray, Limbeck (Doghouse), 3 Doors Down (Universal), and Brazil (Immortal).

Ease the Medic draws largely from a mid-90s indie rock/post-hardcore tradition: a vast dynamic range which can drop from a roar to a whisper at any given moment, stepping to but never fully crossing the line into math rock, paying homage to hardcore but never giving into hardcore's restrictions. Slint, Cave In, Shudder to Think, At the Drive In, Sunny Day Real Estate and so many others inspired a generation of indie rockers with the same disregard for formula. Coupled with a penchant to craft atmospheric textures and foray into sonic experimentation, Ease The Medic reference Shoegaze acts like My Bloody Valentine, Swervedriver, and Medicine, all the while not straying too far from the song at hand.

Ease the Medic showcase their study of these traditions on "Riot on the Gold Coast", their debut EP on We Want Action Records (Tiara, The Sun, Kopaz). The seven songs that make up

"Riot on the Gold Coast" were mixed and engineered by Jon Fintel at Relay Recording in Columbus, and mastered by Chad Clark (Fugazi, Jawbox) and TJ Lipple (Aloha, Q and Not U) at Silver Sonya in Washington DC.

"Diagonals", the opening track of "Riot on the Gold Coast", builds to a driving swing, layering guitar feedback and metallic licks beneath howls of desperation before giving way to the shifting, dramatic "Splitting Hairs as a Science". "Wearing White In The Blackout" jabs at the media with jagged guitar harmonics and a propulsive beat. Throughout the record, you will find Ease the Medic dancing around traditional song structures to keep listeners on their toes. Ease the Medic are complex rockers, and they prefer if you pronounce their name with a Cockney accent. It just sounds better that way.

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Debunkify.com Featured Artist

2006 Midpoint Music Festival

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Currently featured on Hollister Co. Radio http://www.hollisterco.com/

"Wearing White In The Blackout" Video directed by David Blackman http://youtube.com/watch?v=C75a5U9MzqY

Mike Bryant plays exclusively with Silverfox Drumsticks and Soultone Cymbals. Ease The Medic plays S.I.T. Strings.


Mike Bryant - drums

Eric Payton - bass

Adam Thornburgh - guitar, keys

Michael Finch - guitar, vocals


"Riot On The Gold Coast" We Want Action - October 2006 Release

Retail Distribution through Southern Records

Digital Distribution through IODA