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Mike Banuelos

Mike Banuelos

Mike Banuelos was given his first drum set by his father, Rodolfo Banuelos, at the age of six. Rodolfo hoped his son would carry on the family tradition of music, since he played drums in his band Los Lamas. Although this first introduction to music resulted in frustration and a destroyed drum set, Mike returned to music in high school where he started drumming in a band with his friends. He soon formed his own band, Sever the Memory, which has performed in various venues and competed in Skinnie Magazine’s John Wilhite Benefit Show, making it to the top 100 bands. Music became a hobby for Mike and he eventually started his own recording studio, Midnite Studios. He has partnered with producer Sergio Hernandez (Don the Reader), and is in the process of recording Sever the Memory’s first EP. At this point he has been drumming for five years and recording for two.