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Miha Plesnicar

Miha Plesnicar

Miha Plesnicar was born on 19th November in 1985. He comes from a small town in Slovenia (the EU) and he first started playing the drums when he was 16. He is famous for his strong kick, devotion to the instrument and lively performance. Since it was not possible to gain formal education due to the financial instability of the family he could only depend on himself, the advice of his drummer friends and hard work. He divided his role models into two interesting groups. Ruthless and strong rock musicians (Vinnie Paul, Lars Ulrich,Mike Terrana …) and masters of groove and dynamics (Aaron Spears, Gerald Heyward…). He plays melodic rock music in the band Mit, with whom he has recorded 3 albums, and has slowly been climbing his way up in the Slovene music scene. In the recent years he has worked with an amazing producer Željko Mladenovic who is well-known in the whole of the Balkans area. In his former band, where he started developing and improving his knowledge, he played more than 350 concerts, which is a lot for such a small country. While still playing with the group Lady’s First, they played as a support band to the legendary heavy metal celebrity Paul Di Anno on his tour in Slovenia. The group Mit has been very successful. They are placed well on the radio charts and were among other things the winners of the largest student competition in Slovenia, Škisova tržnica, they were also placed 4th at the Newcomer Festival in Graz, Austria … Miha believes his future life to be all about music and he is proud that from now on he will make music with the Soultone cymbals.

Miha uses the Extreme series.