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Michael Young

Michael Young

Michael “Powder” Young made the switch from bass to drums and percussion early in high school. Being inspired by Van Halen’s album “1984” as a young boy he was finally able to pursue his dream of learning to play the drums. After high school he took to the drums full time forgoing the study of bass and immediately started to grab attention for his hard hitting rock solid style behind the kit.

His continuing education and dedication to his craft has opened doors into the realm of player for hire as well as educator. You can see him with his groups “The Saddle Tramps” and “Crushed by Jefferson ” as well as hear him on each of the bands new albums.

“Working as a drum tech at Bizarre Guitar in Reno in between gigs has allowed me to hear lots of cymbals from many manufacturers and while most sound decent I can assure you that Soultone is heads and tails above them for sound, quality and feel. They gig well and record beautifully. This is a cymbal that once you get it you will never let em’ go.”

-Michael “Powder” Young