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Michael White

Michael White

Michael White, a lover of music, has studied the art of making music through drumming since he was very young. He began watching his uncle and grandfather make music at a very young age. To go even further back, his mother would blast her favorite Neil Diamond and Peter Gabriel records at ungodly volumes before he could ever speak. That "sound of emotion" expressed in a language much more beautiful than anything ever spoken, has stuck with him since.

He began pursuing an interest in playing drums at the age of 9 years old, partly for the attention of "the ladies." However, it was the beginning of an undying love for music that he really had no idea he would have today. At that time, he would play on his uncle's old vintage "Ludwig" kit that had no resonance heads and had duct tape on the hardware so the snare drum wouldn't fall over.

At 10 years old, he got saved in a local church called "Spring First Church" in Spring, Tx that his grandmother attended. As with any young boy that went to church regularly, the most interesting portion of the service was obviously the "worship" portion. This interest led to him very nervously asking if he could ever play for a church service. His cousin's wife led the music at the time, so he had some strings he could pull. So, sure enough, several months down the road, Michael began playing in church. He says his first night was the most terrifying experience of his life, to this day. However, since then he has served voluntarily off and on in the worship at that church and many others.

Today Michael is married to a beautiful girl named Ashley, and has continued to serve Christ along side his wife. They are currently the media pastors at that same church in Spring. There he serves as a "music director" as well, for the worship band under Rev. Joshua Edquist (Worship Pastor). Michael also plays the piano, bass, and acoustic/electric guitars as needed for the church. Michael is also currently endorsed through Risen drums.

His love for music has only grown and gotten bigger over the years. He studied Music Theory at Lone Star Community College for a year in 2007 and plans to go back to complete his degree in the near future. He is also a certified minister with the Assemblies of God.

Michael has played music along side Christian sensations such as; Jeff Deyo, Sonicflood, Shaun Groves, Robbie Seay Band, The Newsboys, Superchick, and many more.

He is currently playing drums with a band called After the Well from Spring, Tx. They are also a Christian worship band. They are currently labeled as KSBJ/NGEN Radio’s “The Big Break Winner” for 2012. Their latest record titled “Open Heaven” is currently available on iTunes, and will be releasing a new EP in May of 2012. Info on the band can be found at: www.afterthewell.com.

"As a member of Soultone, I am not only humbled to be part of the family, but excited about my sound as a drummer. These cymbals are made so uniquely different than any other cymbals I have ever played. They have such a precise, high quality, beautiful sound. It is an honor and a privilege to play and showcase Soultone cymbals. I play them with pride and I cherish the relationships I have with the people there. These guys can SERIOUSLY make some killer cymbals!"