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Michael Nilsson

Michael Nilsson

My name is Michael Nilsson and I´m 30 years of age, I live in a town called Östersund (about 600km north of Stockholm).

In this town there´s a lot of diffrent bands and really good musicians, so you don´t have to look far to get inspired to create good sounding music.

I started to play bass when I was 13 in a band at the local youthcenter, but soon discovered that I wanted to play the drums, so I picked up the sticks and I´m still drumming as soon as I get the chance =).

Right now I´m a member in 2 local bands Tavion and Ashes, The music that Tavion plays is kind of progressive powermetal with influences from bands like Nocturnalrites, Evergrey, Rhapsody etc,

But after a while I wanted to play something diffrent, more heavy sounding music, so got the chance to play with Ashes, and I felt that it was a band for me.

During my years of drumming I´ve use a lot of diffrent cymbals but I never really found the sound that I wanted, untill a friend of mine showed me Soultone Cymbals.

I like the raw sound of the Extreme Series and the brilliance in the Custom Brilliant Series, the combination of these two series is perfect for my two bands.

So i´d like to give the guys at Soultone a big thanks for giving me this deal; I could´t be any happier =).

There are samples and songs you could listen to at: