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Michael Lagomarsini Torres

Michael Lagomarsini Torres

Michael Lagomarsini Torres was born and raised on the southern coast of the island of Puerto Rico. Early in his life, Michael started to show interest towards music and musical instruments, specifically, the percussion. At the age of six, inspired by his father who also is a musician, Michael played his first musical instrument: Latin percussion. But it was not until Michael was nine years old that he discovered what he calls today “his significant other”: the drum set .

When Michael entered Junior High he started to perform publicly as a musician. He played the snear drum with one of the most awarded and admired marching bands in Puerto Rico, the Marching Band of Guayanilla. With part of the drummers of the that marching band Michael played for various renowned musicians such as Daddy Yankee and Grupo Mania, who asked Michael to play in their shows. Michael also played with the latin jazz group “Zambaribiri”, which was formed by former members of the marching band. Michael has also played the drum set for various “cover bands” and has jammed together with Felix Montalvo, Jose Luis Ramos, Angel Torres, among others.

These days Michael is pursuing his bachelor’s degree in Musical Education, with a minor in drum set, at the Universidad Interamericana of Puerto Rico. He has also been retained by the biggest brewery company of Puerto Rico, Medalla, as one of their exclusive musicians, playing for the batucada (brazilian percussion) “Tambores Azules”. Michael is also performing with various jazz assembles, and is the official drummer for the group “Sueños de Malaga”.

With the passing of time, Michael’s passion for music keeps growing, as well as his hunger to become an excellent professional drummer. Thanks to the opportunity offered by the family of Soultone Cymbals, Michael -still at the age of eighteen- is starting to place his name among the elite musicians of Puerto Rico.