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Michael "Ivesy" Ives

Michael "Ivesy" Ives

Michael "Ivesy" Ives is a hard-hitting versatile drummer based in Leicestershire in the UK. Born on September 22nd 1991 in the sea-fairing city of Plymouth, Michael always had a keen interest in music - According to his mother, “He was constantly singing and tapping from a young age”.

Michael’s musical career didn’t make a proper start until he hit the tender age of 13, when he learned the guitar to a high standard. However, he secretly had a burning curiosity for the drums, and was always banging away on them when he had the chance. As Michael continued to grow he was always listening to rock music and tapping away to classic tunes such as ‘Paranoid’, ‘Layla’ and ‘Free Bird’, while gradually widening his music taste to include such greats as The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Metallica, The Foo Fighters, Van Halen, Queen and Dave Matthews Band, amongst many others. It was from these groups that he took his inspiration, finally making the break from guitar to drums officially in the summer of 2009 at the age of 17, and has never looked back!

With his intense passion for the drums combined with his natural talent and determination to play Michael took to the drums as his first instrument like a duck to water.

After enlisting the help of a local drum tutor, Michael set about improving the raw talent he had - this included learning to read drum music, developing stick technique, rudiments, and snare drum work. Michael squeezed as much learning about the kit into these lessons as possible, dramatically improving his playing in a relatively short amount of time; passing grade 5 drums after only 6 months of tuition. In and out of these lessons, Michael was always playing when he could, practicing what he had learned; combining a variety of techniques, and then applying them to different situations and styles of music. His fusion of Rock, Funk and Jazz contribute to his unique style; a style that is prominent in all that he plays, and a style that continues to develop at a phenomenal rate.

Michael now sessions on numerous different performances/recording sessions for all types of artists. He is currently building up an online video collection documenting these collaborations, his own covers, tutorials, and various other material. Michael is a proud endorsee of Soultone cymbals.