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Michael Fuller

Michael Fuller

“A true drummer is the best way to describe Michael. He started drumming at a young age... From bangin’ away with pots and pans at the age of 8, to playing on his school desk in middle school with two pencils, then local high school bands, to now playing over 12 hours a week in a live studio setting at IHOP-KC at age 22.

He’s more than a musician that just plays the drums... Michael truly brings emotion and passion into music and drumming is in his blood.

He is an extremely versatile drummer and is not confined to one genre of music and because of this it has allowed him to play with a wide range of musicians and bands throughout the US and overseas.

In the past eight years of his musical career he has played in numerous states across the US and also in Japan and Holland at multiple events. Michael has played with artists such as Will McFarlane, Mali, Cory Asbury, Matt Gillman, Audra Lynn, and Justin Rizzo just to name a few.

In addition to an active musical career Michael makes it a priority to hone his skills with consistent practice and experimenting with new techniques and is regularly coming up with unique sounds by using “not-so-normal” items while at the kit.”