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Matthew Rivera

Matthew Rivera

Crimson Paradigm

Matthew Rivera, born and raised in Fairfield County Connecticut has been artistically inclined from a very young age. While his early passion for playing instruments began with the bass and guitar, he soon switched to drumming as he found he had a great talent and interest in setting percussive foundations for select instrumental pieces and music in general. Matthew grew up in a home where musicians were in and out several times a week and there was always a band set up in the house. So it was no surprise that the stage was set for an easy play on sitting behind the drums all the while shaping his own unique style and drive for drumming. As an artist, Matthew strives to make clear the message of Jesus Christ through his craft; with his focus keen and his direction divinely inspired, this is one step along the infinite path of possibilities for Matthew who is both honored and excited about being a part of the SoulTone family.

My Soultone Set: 

15" Extreme Crash
17" Extreme Crash
14" Extreme Hi Hats
12" Extreme Splash
22" Extreme Ride
17" FXO 6 Crash
18" Extreme Crash