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Matthew, born in Laguna Niguel California, grew up on a horse ranch in the State of Michigan after his father completed his enlistment in the Marines. Matthew has played drums and percussion for 38 years, in which 25 of those years he played professionally in many different bands. His spark was lit at the age of 10 in elementary school band, where like most drummers he learned the fundamentals. From this point he always excelled and never looked back. Matthew grew up listening to Country music every morning before school, but during summers he would visit his cousin in the Detroit area who turned him on to classic rock. Matthew has always considered himself a lover of all music and a musician over all. Matthews’s passion for music seemed to come from his soul. All music genres seemed to influence and drive him to always learn new techniques and styles.
Over the years Matthew has played Classical percussion, Jazz, Rock n Roll, Punk, Blues and Heavy Metal. From 1999-2002 Richmond played for Detroit Punk Rockers, Adams Rocket in which he recorded 4 records. From 2002-2010 he was signed to an independent label, Mad Messiah Music, and recorded 2 records with Progressive Heavy Metal band, The Conspiracy, in which he was able to get international recognition with their tribute to 911 record “3000 Crosses”. In 2012 Richmond opened his own recording studio, Maddog Entertainment, LLC. And become a studio musician while getting his Business Management degree.
In 2019, while browsing musician sites/want ads for his next possible gig, Richmond came across an ad for “professional drummer wanted for a national touring act”. Matthew responded to the ad, spoke with management, and noticed that the artist was playing near his home town. Instead of auditioning, Matthew decided to make a bold move and drove an hour and a half to meet the award winning CMA Country artist Donald Benjamin and the band in person. That night his current fill in drummer was let go. Two days later Matthew was contacted by Donald’s management and label, Straight Edge Entertainment asking if he could be ready in 2 weeks to play his next stop on his tour, in Grand Rapids, Mi. That gig turned out to be a trial by fire situation in which he owned the stage! That performance made Matthew the permanent drummer for The Donald Benjamin Band.
Currently Matthew and The Donald Benjamin Band are in the studio working on their next EP and single while preparing for a busy 2020 tour schedule.

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Moving Mountains – Donald Benjamin

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