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Bronx native Nelson Matthew Gonzalez was raised in a musical family. His grandfather, Benny Ayala, is a seasoned Plenero composer and folklorist. As a young child, Matthew was surrounded by Afro-Caribbean rhythms of Puerto Rican folkloric music. He began formally studying music at the Harbor Conservatory in East Harlem, New York at age eleven.

Matthew is equally gifted as a dancer and has been a member of Danza Fiesta for over 20 years. He has also performed with many folkloric, Salsa, and Latin Jazz artists including Los Pleneros de la 21, Ilu Aye, Alma Moyo, Richie Ray y Bobby Cruz, Hector Trichoe, Ray de la Paz, William Cepeda, Bobby Sanabria, and many more. In early 2018 Matthew started his own band called Kinto Zonó which brings the sounds of a 11 piece orchestra with 2 brass, piano, bass, and percussion for a more modern Bomba y Plena sound.

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