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Chance Of Reign

Matteo Vena from Toronto Canada.
At 8 years old I discovered the 2 & 4. Years later performing in multiple bands and featured in a few music articles I was then approached by drum Rock N’ Roll royalty William Ludwig III, yes that Ludwig. I was offered to be his youngest artist to his new brand called WFLIII. I accepted of course
Influenced by so many. As a Canadian, naturally Neil Peart and Jeff Burrows. Recently Jimmy Sullivan, Danny Carey. Respectfully Nicko McBrain, Stuart Copeland, Ginger Baker, Mitch Mitchel, and Joe Morello and so many more.
I’m a undergrad at Berklee Music Boston (On-line) and my high school is a performing arts school (Mayfield Secondary) Lastly like all musicians we never stop learning, therefore I am being mentored for technique and theory by Jeff Salem.
On occasion I'm asked to contribute as a session call up. I especially enjoy performing live as an original member with Chance Of Reign. New EP spring of 2021.

What makes Soultone cymbals different from other brands you have tried?
“I always say E & E, Eyes and Ears. Right off the bat they are so gorgeous to look at and the sound is not from this world”

What do you love about Soultone Cymbals?
“Besides the cymbal’s being everything, a drummer could ever expect the large variety for your specific sound and style is there”

How are they better than other cymbals?
“Hand hammered or lathed B20 alloy in the old Turkish craft and you could tell you have something special. Yes, there are other good cymbals out there but these Soultone Cymbals, well they’re just better. Simply they deliver on every level you need. You’re missing out if you don’t try them. Now I know drummers could be sometimes very stubborn to make change but these are so worth the change”

How has Soultone Cymbals helped you as a drummer?
“Soultone Cymbals took me to school and allowed me to re-discovered cymbals. Because of the large variety Soultone offers I found my sound. With other cymbal companies you need to adjust to what they make which is limited”

How has Soultone Cymbals Artist Relations treated you?
“As an artist with Soultone I can easily say so much to appreciate but also It’s the little things too. Like personalizing your cymbals with your logo lasered on each one, that’s so cool. The other Soultone artists are there for you to chat anytime. It’s like a huge family. Also simply getting Soultone on the phone or to respond via email is supper fast and they know you by name, that is huge for me. The shipments are always flawless and fast”

My Soultone Set: 

14” Gospel Hi-Hats
16” Extreme Crash
18” Extreme Crash
21” Explosion Ride
18” Natural Prototype China
8” Extreme splash
7” Bronze Bell