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Matteo Favero

I attended my studies with Franco Stocco, Paolo Muscovi, Camillo Colleluori,
Antonio and Alfredo Golino.
I am specialized in the Jojo Mayer's moller technique related to the use of
the single pedal.
In 2005 I won two drums contests in Triveneto.
I played with "Vertigine" at Motorshow, at Red Ronnie's Roxy Bar and in
several Triveneto TV shows; I worked together with the singer Luna (in the
best italian waterparks), with the songwriter Massimo Bubola (record and
tour 2010), with the comedian Enrico Brignano. Moreover, I collaborated with
the violinist Anchise Bolchi, with artists like Andrea Amati (stage name:
Nek), Gatto Panceri, Yuri (Xfactor 2008), Simonetta Spiri (Amici), Massimo
Guerini (Laura Pausini), Graziano Bini, Stefania Martin (orchestra RAI) and
Carson Thucker Band (in 2010 at bikers fair in Padova, in 2011 at the Harley
Davidson open day).
In 2011 I did a clinic at RITMI SHOW at ROTODRUM's stand.
Still in 2011 I recorded the jingle for the worldwide association B.A.C.A.
based in USA with the Carson Thucker Band in collaboration with the
"Cassette Recording" record company (based in Los Angeles).
Furthermore I am qualified in drums teaching to children.
From 2011 to 2013 I have been playing with the Eleven Street Band, tribute
to Max Pezzali and 883.
At the moment I'm playing with Nord Sud Ovest Band performing in the best
italian stages (Northern Italy, Switzerland and Sardinia),plus,I worked
together with Michele Gallo (MIK)in the recording of his first solo album.
Beyond my live activity and work in the studio I like to keep in touch with
colleagues from all around the world through social media.
Thanks to this I had the opportunity and pleasure to see some of my videos
shared on famous american channels like DRUM TALK TV and DRUMMER.COM.
So follow me on my social media:


My Soultone Set: 

14" Custom Brilliant Crash
16" FXO 12 Effect Crash
6" Custom Brilliant Splash
13" Extreme Hi Hat Pair
12" Extreme China
22" Custom Brilliant Ride

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