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Matt Matson

Matt Matson

Disneyland Musician/Educator/Author

Matt – born and raised in California - started snare drumming at age 8 in a Sacramento community marching band. When he was 10 years old his sister gave him his first Album - AC/DC’s Back in Black – and he was sure at that point that he was destined to be a rock drummer. Moving to Hemet his freshman year in high school changed all of that, because you had to play jazz if you played drum set in the Hemet music programs. That lead to Matt focusing on jazz and eventually earning his Masters in Jazz Studies from USC. While studying and living in Los Angeles, he spent a great deal of time following his early passion for rock, performing with bands at night clubs on the Sunset strip, but after graduating college, he was soon hired on as a full time musician at Disneyland. Matt’s wide range of drumming experience has allowed him to remain full time for over 20 years at Disneyland, where he has backed up many artists for special events, and done everything from rudimental drumming with the Magic Kingdom Korps, to slopping up some 2nd line funk with the River Rascals, to playing traditional Dixieland with the Jambalaya Jazz Band (on drums and banjo!)

My Soultone Set: 

21" Natural Crash / Ride
20" Natural Crash / Ride
11" Custom Brilliant RA Spalsh
19" Natural China
18" Natural Crash
14" Light Hammered Hi Hats

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