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Matt Ellis

Matt Ellis

MATT ELLIS is a North American drummer originally from Atlanta, GA, now based in Boston, MA. A graduate of Berklee college of Music, Matt’s style is centered around his diverse influences which range from TOOL and Pantera to Sting and the Indigo Girls. Matt started out playing guitar but made the switch to drums just before entering high school. Throughout his more than 2 decades of playing, Matt has worked with various performers including singer song-writers Laura Clapp, Tim Williams and St Vincent as well as bands such as DAATH, Breathe and SkullF#ckers. Matt is a current member of 2 Massachusetts bands; Somerville Symphony Orkestar and PK and the Mighty Seven.

Matt plays Soultone’s Natural line of cymbals because of the dry and dark tonalities. Other lines in Matt’s set up include Vintage and the FX line.

My Soultone Set: 

14" Natural HiHats
15" Extreme Crash
17" Vintage Crash
19" FXO B6 Crash
19" Natural Crash
21" Natural Ride