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From Orange County, CA., Mat's father had started getting him familiar with drums around the age of two. By age three he was already understanding how to play a basic drum groove on set. Mat grew up listening and playing to classic rock artists like Led Zeppelin, resulting to John Bonham being his first drum inspiration. As a teenager Mat started finding interest in more progressive groups like Rush and enjoyed the more complex and intricate playing, leading to Neil Peart being his next drum idol. In high school he got turned onto various progressive metal artists, specifically Dream Theater which became one of his all time favorite bands, naturally making Mike Portnoy and Mike Mangini influence his drumming. In high school is where he learned marching style drumming when he joined the drumline, as well as learning orchestral percussion when played in the symphonic band. During these years he also got the chance to march and perform in the Huntington Beach 4th of July Parade.
After high school Mat started expanding his music knowledge taking music theory classes, recording classes, learning piano, and more. During this time he started creating drum covers for YouTube as well as drumming in various bands at venues like Quake’s Baseball Stadium, San Manuel Baseball Stadium, House of Blues, Queen Mary, Orange County Fair and many more. He has also been invited to play out of state including places like Texas for big Christmas productions involving playing on drum walls and drumming while flying above audiences. Mat got to be a part of competitive indoor percussion ensemble, Orange County Independent Percussion, as their drum set player where they took 3rd place nationally in 2012, and 2nd place nationally in 2013. In 2014 Mat got offered a position to be a drum performer at the Disneyland Resort where he continues to work there full time. In 2015 Mat then became set in two bands: Split Screen Theater, an online YouTube cover band of Dream Theater, and Cousin Craig, a Top 40 Pop/Dance cover band. In 2016 he got asked to drum on tour out of country for YouTube artist Leroy Sanchez. Mat also teaches drumline school kids as well giving private drum lessons.
Mat continues his musical career by expanding his knowledge and abilities in drumming and other instruments, teaching drums, playing in bands, picking up gigs, composing music, as well as continuing to make drum covers, full song covers and music videos for fun.

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