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Hi everyone!
My name is Matúš Piatrov. I was affected by music already in little childhood, because we are musical family. Since my 7 years old I started to play a guitar and later completely fell into play the drums. It´s all began with the play on guitar, continued with djembe, cajon and the others percussion. I always wanted to play the instrument, what will be rhythmical in band. So that´s the reason why I choose the drums.Even though I tried to play the bass guitar before, but it was difficult for me to squeeze the strings. The groove was that, what fascinated me on drums. Since 7 years old until 15, I played just percussion, djembe and cajon, because I was hesitant and simply cannot decide whether play drums or the guitar, which also cost my parents lots of money to spend. In this period of time I was mainly listening the rock and metal music, what I also tried to copy, so I was the rock musician. But later it all changed…
In my 15 years old I started to play in several different bands and musical bodies. It all was my musical beginnings, some of them were more amateur, although later with increasing experience more professional. After the high school –I was qualified auto-electrician, I decide to continue study the music and they actually accepted me to Conservatory in Žilina. It was great school, what gave me really huge musical dimensions and I built the passion for the music. There I got to know different genres like jazz, samba salsa or wind instruments and of course melodic such as timpani, marimba or xylophone. All these instruments enriched me a lot in a musical direction and passed my musical horizons further. Of course I can´t forgot on school Big Band, where we were mainly playing the jazz and funky music…later after school I cooperated with many relatively well known musicians and bands.

Education- Conservatory in Žilina, the percussion instruments and percussion
2011-2012 I was the drummer in ZLESAPOCUJEM band.

Cooperation with the band in Slovakia :
Noris, Adam Durica, Zlesapočujem, VlastaMudríková, The Stars, New Projekt, NebeskáMuzika, MKII, Pas de pitié, Cool Band Trio, NácovKufor, Conquet, Milo Kráľ Banda etc…
Now I am a teacher on Elementary Art school in BanskáŠtiavnica on Slovakia and I´m independent drummer too, trying to make videos on youtube.

I´d like to thank you to whole my family for the support and led to music, but also to everyone I have met in my personal life. THANK YOU.

My Soultone Set: 

Hi Hat: 14“ Vintage old school 1964
Crash: 16“ Vintage old School 1964
Crash: Vintage old School 1964
Ride: 22" Vintage old School 1964 Patina