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Massimo Altomare (m:A Fog)

Massimo Altomare (m:A Fog)

Massimo Altomare (m:A Fog)

m:A Fog is mainly recognized in music scene as the drummer of the black metal band Black Flame, who have been active since 1998, and their fifth full-length album, Septem, was released in 2011. Black Flame raised main interested in music scene when in 2006 they were the first band to be signed by Forces of Satan Records, the label run by Infernus, guitarist of the Norwegian Black Metal band Gorgoroth. m:A Fog is also known for being a requested session drummer, often recording albums and doing concerts outside his primary band. Although he is not believed to be a massive songwriter, his influence can be heard on every record he has participated on. He is known for being a powerful and "straight forward" drummer, choosing not to use a big range of patterns, but choosing instead to play in the most direct way possible. His style is often remarked upon in reviews or interviews, and many younger drummers quote him as an influence. He is the only Italian Artist that has played both Inferno Festival and Hole in The Sky Festival, the biggest Norwegian metal festivals. He grew up in the countryside outside Turin (Italy), but now he lives outside of Italy, keeping his lifestyle as much private as he can.

In 2004, m:A Fog was selected by Gorgoroth in order to be auditioned for their 2004 European and South American Tour. Although he didn't get the place in the line-up, who was picked up by Dirge Rep (ex Enslaved, Gehenna, Orcustus), m:A Fog got the chance to be known in the Norwegian Black Metal Scene. Through this connection, m:A Fog was auditioned in 2005 by Disiplin - at that time one of the rising names in Norwegian scene and one of the bands produced by Moonfog Productions, label ran by Satyr the frontman of the band Satyricon. With Disiplin, m:A Fog performed at the 2006 edition of the Inferno Festival in Oslo. The Line up of the band was completed by members of Myrkskog and Slavia. In 2007 Disiplin were disbanded and Jonas Raskolnikov Christiansen, vocalist of both Disiplin and Slavia invited m:A Fog to join Slavia permanently as drummer, together with Hoest at bass guitar (from Taake), Aindiachaí at guitars (from Taake) and Thurzur (from Taake) at guitars. m:A Fog performed at the 2007 edition of the Hole in The Sky Festival in Bergen among many others live appearances. After the death of Slavia singer Jonas Raskolnikov Christiansen, occurred in 17 November 2011, Slavia ceased to exist. m:A Fog participated in the farewell concert, that took place in Bergen on 18 November 2011. A documentary of that night has been released to the press, with interview contributions from m:A Fog, Satyr and Frost from Satyricon, Gaahl from Wardruna and Nocturno Culto from Dark Throne.[1] The latest Norwegian band in which m:A Fog took part is Dead To This World,[2] formed by the ex Immortal bass player Iscariah, that in Dead To This World takes the role of guitarist/vocalist and main composer. The line up of this band is completed by Thurzur (from Taake) at bass guitar and Skyggen (also session in Gorgoroth, ex Thunderbolt) at guitar.

In March, 2008, m:A Fog joined the ranks of the Italian band Janvs and in May, 2008, he recorded their album Vega. m:A Fog always considered Janvs as a full-time commitment and after a long hiatus, Janvs emerged back in 2012 appearing in a tribute to the Norwegian band Enslaved with the cover of "793 (The Battle of Lindisfarne)" taken from the album Eld. In the same cover, the Enslaved founder and guitarist Ivar Bjørnson participated with a guitar track.[3] Janvs also announced the release of a new album, with m:A Fog at drums, for 2014. This new album will be released by Avantgarde Music.

m:A Fog recorded in 2007 the second album of the French band Glorior Belli, entitled "Manifesting the Raging Beast" and released in the same year by the Americal Label Southern Lord. He also appeared in the second album of the Italian band Hate Profile, he appeared on two tracks of the 2009 album Worship or Die by the Italian band Hiems, on the tracks "Scum Destroyer" and the Gun/Judas Priest cover "Race with the Devil".[4]

m:A Fog also participates in a hard rock band called Warnipples, that features members of Highlord and White Skull. He recorded two demos and the album "Hangover Tunes", released in 2011.[5]

In 2008, m:A Fog formed Concilium Antichristi with Dk. Deviant from the French band Arkhon Infaustus. Although a Myspace profile[6] was launched, with demo tracks, the band never released any further material, following the same legacy occurred to Arkhon Infaustus which appear to be disbanded.

m:A Fog recently joined the cult band Opera IX and will record their next album and do their future tours/concerts.

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20" Gospel Ride
14" Gospel Hi hats
18" Gospel Crash
17" Gospel Crash
18" Gospel China
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