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Date of Birth: 08/20/1994
Mason Page started his drumming journey when he was five years of age. Albeit he initially wanted to play guitar he gravitated towards drums and percussion when he discovered he had natural rhythm and found he could play on the off- beat as naturally as the on. Soon after Mason had graduated to double pedals and playing in garage bands.
Influenced by Punk, Metal, Hardcore and Hip Hop music, Mason has become an integral band member for not just his drumming prowess but also his experience in song arrangement, recording and production.
Mason co-founded in 2010 Deathcore band Vows Of A Massacre. Although young in age Vows Of A Massacre enjoyed immense popularity amongst Deathcore followers and released their sole EP in 2011 entitled “Battle Of The Subconscious”. Vows Of A Massacre were a mainstay in the local metal genre for two years supporting the likes of The Contortionist and Devolved.
Out of Vows Of A Massacre, Mason co-founded new band I Exalt. The music entered a technical Deathcore realm and the band was a highly successful national touring entity. I Exalt released two benchmark EPs’. The first “Vessel” was released in 2013 and the second entitled “Servant” was released in 2016. I Exalt was considered to be one of the most promising young bands in Australia with notable supports for Northlane, In Hearts Wake, Thy Art Is Murder, Cattle Decapitation, Emmure, The Acacia Strain, Misery Signals and Bleeding Through before becoming headliners in their own right.
While undertaking drumming duties with I Exalt, Mason in 2015 co-founded brutal Death Metal band Splatterpuss. Splatterpuss combined members from The Red Shore, Empires Fall, Internal Devour and two members from I Exalt. Although this band did not tour a great deal, when shows were arranged in various venues around Australia, the venues were packed. In 2015, Splatterpuss released a self titled EP and followed up with an album entitled “Labyrinths Of Dark Energy” in 2018 on Vicious Instinct Records.
Conjunctionally with Splatterpuss and I Exalt projects, in 2017 Mason further founded Emo Pop band, Madura Green. Madura Green is a four piece which continues to garner a loyal following and industry support through initially their first EP entitled “ Sorry We’re Not Hiring…But We’ll Call You” and subsequent single releases (accompanied by video) “Dog House”, “Popsicle”, “Crickets” and “Potato Salad”. Within this band Mason provides vocals as well as the percussion.
After I Exalt ran its course and while Madura Green builds its reputation as a touring and recording band, Mason founded yet another band, Mother Morgue within the genre of Death Metal / Sludge. Mother Morgue having been established in 2018 have subsequently toured nationally and released an album entitled “Purgatory”.
If Mason wasn’t busy enough he has occupied the drum throne on sessions and touring for Hindsight (Emo/Punk) The Beautiful Monument (Post-Hardcore/Metalcore) Overlord (Hardcore/Beatdown) and Satellite (Progressive Rock).
In 2019 Mason toured with Zeolite (Technical Death Metal) on a national and international tour and in 2020 agreed to be a fulltime contributing member. Zeolite, a five piece, was established circa 2014 and consists of members from most of the major capitals in Australia. The band focuses on festivals and international supports.
2020 has seen Mason cofound yet another band Alter Idem with members of Splatterpuss and Mother Morgue delivering Technical Death Metal. An EP titled “Fragments of Consciousness” is to be released midyear.
Mason has been inspired by Neil Peart, Joey Baca, Alex Rudinger, Dave McGraw, Alan Cassidy,
Abe Cunningham, Riley Breckenbridge, Alex Grind and Aaron Gillespie .
In describing Mason’s drum style it can be punishing but also melodic and musical dependent on the genre he is performing in.

Vows Of A Massacre Battle with the Subconscious
I Exalt Vessel
I Exalt Servant
Splatterpuss Self Titled
Splatterpuss Labyrinths of Dark Energy
Madura Green Sorry we’re not hiring…but we’ll call you
Madura Green Singles: Dog House, Popsicle, Crickets, Potato Salad
Mother Morgue Purgatory
Alter Idem Fragments of Consciousness
Satellite Word of Mouth
Satellite The Devils Radio
Satellite Icarus



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