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Mark Taylor

Growing up in a family where music was all around and with a father who was a gigging musician and singer/songwriter, music was second nature. Finding his way through instruments such as the guitar, piano and trumpet, drums became the place that allowed Mark to experience the most joy and satisfaction. Being highly regarded as a pocket drummer, Mark owes a lot of his feel, timing and approach to his father. Early in life, practice time was a requirement that had to be done utilizing a metronome with no questions asked. In fact, the only drum surfaces Mark would be allowed to play was the kick, snare and hi-hat. No toms. At the age of 12, Mark joined his first church choir and the rest is history.

Having played in a multitude of church choirs, gospel groups, rock bands, hip hop, RNB, and jazz bands, Mark has found and relies on one common denominator -blending in and laying the foundation. With this approach, Mark has enjoyed the longevity and reputation as one of the most consistent and well rounded musicians around. Currently, he travels with a pop 80's tribute band, Substance, and also works with RNB original artist, Fresh Play.

Plays: DW Drums and sponsored by Soultone Cymbals.

My Soultone Set: 

18" Custom Crash
14" Custom Wave Hi Hats
20" Custom Ride
16" Custom Crash