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Mark Norris

Mark Norris – Independent/Session

Mark Norris is a professional drummer and drum teacher based in central Scotland. He plays with a number different bands across a range of different styles and genres playing specialised progressive music and music festivals throughout the UK and Europe. In addition to live gigs, Mark works as a session and recording drummer.

Mark also works as a drum teacher, providing inspired drum-kit instruction to a talented student base.

Mark is currently working with Scottish Progressive band Midas Fall, and is working on debut albums for another two music projects.

Twitter: @marknorris88
Instagram: @mark_norris_music
Facebook: @MarkNorrisMusic

My Soultone Set: 

14” Abby Hi-Hats
16” Abby Crash
18” Abby Crash
20” Abby Ride
16” Extreme China
9” Extreme Splash
10”/11” Extreme China/FXO Splash Stack