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Mark Hill

Mark Hill

I was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma and took up drumming at the age of 12. I’ve been
married to the same beautiful woman since 1980 and we have three great children
(two sons and a daughter). We currently run an on-line music business: Drums &
Stuff Music Outlet.

While coming up, I would play any time I could (which hasn’t changed much over
the years) and I was fortunate enough to back some really great bands including:
The Invaders, Stash, and The Flashbacks.

I sincerely love teaching and wish I had more time to devote to it. It’s especially
rewarding to see a student’s face light up when they finally get something they’ve
been working on very hard. I also advocate studying as many different styles of
drumming as possible. It’s the guys who can professionally lay it down in a wide
variety styles that get the calls.

Some incredibly gifted artists I’ve had the pleasure of working with include: James
Korzelius, Barney Villarreal, Jeffrey Jones, and the Christian Arts Ministry of First
Baptist Church Owasso, OK.

Jeffrey Jones and I are the co-founders of the Oklahoma Chapter of Drummers for
Jesus. We also collaborated on a two DVD set titled, Praise & Worship Drumming,
An Inspirational Guide to Drum Instruction. The DVDs are available for preview
and purchase at Drums & Stuff Music Outlet.

I’ve also developed and/or co-developed of some well known drum products such
as: DrumGum and ToneTabs drum dampers, FlexStix and SoundWaves fiber
multi-rod drumsticks, plus Reboundz and Reboundz Jrz rubber tip practice sticks,
all of which are also available on our web site at:


Really Loud Hymns (CD, 2004)

Go Deeper, Live (CD, 2005)

Praise & Worship Drumming – Volume 1: The Basics (DVD, 2011)

Praise & Worship Drumming – Volume 2: Styles & Advanced Techniques (DVD, 2012)

Swagger and Sway (CD, In Work)

Since discovering Soultone, I can’t imagine playing any other cymbals. The overall
timbre and stick response is absolutely incredible. Soultone cymbals provide a
superior custom sound at prices that are highly competitive with the “cookie cutter,
name brand” cymbals.

My Soultone Set: 

20” Custom Brilliant RA Ride
18” Custom Brilliant RA China
16” Custom Brilliant RA Crash
13” Custom Brilliant RA Hi-Hats
12” Custom Brilliant RA Splash
10” Custom Brilliant RA Splash