Mario"DE.MO"Hoover |



Mario Hoover a native of charlotte North Carolina developed a

passion for playing drums at an early age. At the age of two while in

church Mario's mother seen her son could clap on beat in church while

the choir was singing, so she decided to purchase him a tambourine,

Mario would out play the older members in the church.

Mario at 4 years of age got his first toy drum set and would try to

beat from sun up to sun down if you let him.

At the age of 10, Mario's father National Recording Artist Greg

Hoover noticed his sons drive and passion immediately. It was then

that Greg would pour into him as much as possible. Mario began playing

at rehearsals and some concerts and finally for the church they

attended, Mario continued to sharpen his skills and at 12 he was

playing on a professional level. At that age Mario played his first

recording. Not surprisingly his love for the drums grew to higher

heights. He began studying music outside gospel, such as jazz and

fusion. Mario's influences includes: Jeremy Haynes, Dave weckle,

Chich-corea, Spanky, calvin rodgers, Cj Thompson and Christopher Grey

jr just to name a few. Mario is also an up and coming producer, music

arranger and song writer. Mario currently endorses, Ddrums, Los cabos

drumsticks and of course Soultone cymbals