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Marino Dolcetti Bernes

Marino Dolcetti Bernes

A renowned Italian musician, Marino was born on April 1959.

Interested in drums since he was very young he could start studying drums only around 20.

At that time he had the chance to attend schools with some of the best Italian teachers owing to one of them, Bruno Fraimini, the ability to develop his own style and the necessary discipline.

He performed with many well-known and famous musicians and in 2005 he started to travel and play around the world, on land and onboard cruise ships as well.


1980 - Alfredo Golino drums classes

1981/83 - Bruno Fraimini Drums School(rudiments, technique, indipendence, sight-reading).

1985 - Giulio Capiozzo (advanced technique)


Professional experience

2012 Mark Dunn Jazz TRIO

2011 Larry King Jazz TRIO (Nick Buenasdias Upright bass)

2010 Peter Nickalls TRIO (Tom Crail Upright bass)

2010 Susan Chagnon quartet.

2005 - 2009 Dean ScottFiumara (pianist) Jazz Trio Jeri De Leon on upright bass. Former bassists: 2008 Alex Kelley, 2007 Igor Boiko, 2005-6 Grant Clarkson.

2006 Princess Orchestra.

1985 - 2004 Following bands: Fusion Six (jazz-fusion band)Cremona big band (jazz orchestra) Jazzy Atmosphere orchestra (jazz orchestra) East side Big Band (jazz orchestra) Donatella Valgonio quartet (pop jazz singer) W.Tononi group (bebop) L.Franceschetti jazz trio (jazz)Jazz 59 (modern jazz) Stefano Caniato jazz groups (Trio, Quartets, Octet..) Telly and the buskers (swing singer)Maria Ventura (latin singer) Note di Classe orchestra (easy listening)

Furthermore: Fabrizio Bosso, John E. Yelland, C.Guarino, L. Lama, Gogo Ghidelli, D.Scaravelli, Attilio Zanchi, Tano Vezzoli, Mauro Sereno, Giovanni Oliva, Gian Vicari, Luca Garlaschelli, Massimo Saviola, Max Trivella, Franco Gorni, F.Zappamiglio, Giorgio Comparini, Giorgio Ceruti, Mauro Duca and many many more.

Teaching, workshops



Jeff "Tain" Watts, Herlin Riley, Ali Jackson Jr, Eric Gravatt, Steve Gadd, Vinnie Colaiuta, Tommy Igoe, Peter Erskine, Andrea Marcelli, Gary Novak, Buddy Rich, Joe Morello, Jack DeJonnette, Elvin Jones, Tony Williams, Dave Weckl, Alfredo Golino, Giulio Capiozzo; then there's Winton and Brandford Marsalis, Pat Metheny, Mick Goodrick, Allan Holdsworth, Bob Berg, Mike Stern, Joe Zawinul, Weather Report, Nova, BrandX, UK, Jan Anderson Jethro Tull, John Martin, Soft Machine, Area..


My Beautiful Current Soultone Set:

22,5" Vintage old school patina ride

20" Vintage old school 1964 crash ride

18" Vintage old school 1964 crash ride

15" Vintage old school 1964 Hi Hat