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Mariano Sanin

Mariano Sanin

I'm Colombian and have been playing drums since I was 15 years old and never stopped since then, playing drums is my big passion and music is the love of my life. At age of 18 I attended to Universidad de Caldas to receive music education as well as drum and percussion classes with Ruben Dario Alarcon, who's an important drummer in my country. Parallel to music, I also studied a bachelor degree in Electronic Engineering at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia and received courses in sound engineering as well.

I moved to Bogota city (capital of Colombia), lived there during 7 years where I developed myself as a session drummer and had the opportunity to play a wide variety of music genres with recognized musicians in the country and learned how to be a professional in music recording, live drumming and also the technical aspects of sound in both studio and live situations. Finally I came back to Manizales with the purpose of opening my own recording studio. I am also currently building rehearsal rooms and hope they'll be fully operational and open to the public around February of 2012.

Currently, I'm playing drums and composing music for an Industrial metal band named Psy Project. The band has earned recognition as a pioneer of the genre in the country by mixing electronic music with heavy guitar riffs and metal drumming. I also play drums for a black metal band named Funebre which is a well known band in the area that separated some years ago but now the band has reunited and offered me the position as their new drummer.

As a personal dream, I am involved in the creation of a foundation to teach music to kids and teenagers of low economical resources and use rock and pop music as tools to transform our society into something better by giving them a space with freedom of speech and keeping them away from drugs and violence and involved in music, education and arts .