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"Music is the only language bringing people from all over the world together...
and through our mother's heartbeat, it's the first sound we hear,
helping us understand that we're alive long before we are born.
I consider essential, for a musician like me, to treasure all of these things
and to be at the service of Music.
We can make people fall in love, laugh, cry, excite with our music,
through our musical taste that no school can teach.
Treasure your art and always try to pass it down the best way you can!”

Born in 1977 in a family of musicians, thanks to his brother Moreno (pianist, composer and music teacher)
Marco Piccoli grows up listening to various genres of music: Matt Bianco, Genesis, Chick Corea,
Electric Band, Emerson Lake and Palmer.
When teenager, he approaches hard rock music discovering bands as Bon Jovi, Guns’n’Roses,
Aerosmith, Metallica, Dream Theater; this is the beginning of his journey as a self-taught musician embracing
the world or rhythm and learning the first grooves with a drum set.
He starts playing in several bands, playing live in many local venus and theaters.
Passion for music is so strong that Marco can face and overcome a terrible car accident in 2004 and the
loss of his leg foot.
In 2009 he finally finds in Methodica the right line-up to musically express himself at his best.
DISCOGRAPHY with Methodica:
"Searching For Reflections" (album) - 2009
"The Marble Column" (digital single) - 2010
"Light My Fire" (EP) - 2012
"The Silence Of Wisdom" (album) - 2015
"The Angel Lies Dying" (digital single) - 2016
LIVE with Methodica:
EXprog Festival - with Marillion and Moongarden
Pistoia Blues 2011 - opening act for Skunk Anansie
Vallemaggia Magic Blues (Switzerland) - opening act for Uriah Heep
2 Days Prog - Veruno - with Riverside and Anathema
Play Art Festival - Arezzo
Metarock - Pisa
Garden Prog Festival - opening act for Pendragon
Pistoia Blues 2015 - opening act for Dream Theater and Queensryche

My Soultone Set: 

18" Extreme China with personalized logo
22" Extreme Ride
19" Extreme Crash
18" Extreme Crash
12" Extreme Splash
10" Extreme Splash
8" Extreme Splash
6" Extreme Splash
14" Extreme Hi Hats
10" Extreme China