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Marco Antonio Camacho Rojo was born on June 4, 1985 in the city of Maracaibo, Zulia - Venezuela, where as a child he began to show interest in music, with only five (5) years old he began learning Afro- Caribbean percussion instruments. He began studying percussion at twelve (12) years with professor Evaristo Angel Gutierrez Pacheco on the different movements and techniques of Afro-Caribbean music. Then, when he was fourteen (14) years old he began studying classical percussion with Prof. Luis Labarca at The Liceo Evaristo Fernandez Ocando. He also studied Latin and afro-Venezuelan percussion in private classes with professors Marlon Alaña y Alejandro Araujo. In the year 2005 Marco traveled to Cuba Marco in a cultural exchange where he taught Afro-Venezuelan music and at the same time learning Afro- Cuban music.
From there, he ventured into the different cultural Afro-Venezuelan manifestations along the coasts, its various educational meetings, have helped him develop his playing technique and professional maturity, which is in great demand at national and international level.
This young percussionist still resides in Maracaibo and has also provided a variety of professional services to the different media groups, recording studios, workshops, educational clinics, meetings and exchanges of various genres (rock, pop, jazz, Latin, salsa, etc.) and also of Venezuelan folk music.
The Marco Camacho musical influences come from artists such as: Bobby Allende, Ray Barreto, Giovanni Hidalgo, Marc Quiñones, Néstor Pérez, Euro Zambrano, Edgar Zambrano, Papo Pepin, Franklin Malave, Felipe Blanco, Orlando Poléo, Luisito Quintero, Roberto Quintero and Carlos (Nené) Quintero.
It is worth to mention that Camacho has been taught by renowned percussion professors and these opportunities have allowed him to gain knowledge of Afro-Venezuelan, Cuban, Latin jazz, salsa, using instruments such as timbales, bongo, conga, drums, djembe and dumdum, among others.
Meanwhile, this Venezuelan percussionist has shared the stage with artists like Orlando Poleo, Soledad Bravo, Cheo Feliciano, Grupo Manía, Lebron Brothers, Eddy Santiago, El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico, Sonora Ponceña, Roberto Roena, Victor Manuelle, Gilberto Santa Rosa, José Alberto "El Canario," Ruben Blades, Oscar D'Leon, Guaco, Celia Cruz, Yolandita Rivera, Chino y Nacho, Cano Estremera, Los Van Van, Servando y Florentino, Charanga Habanera, Juan Luis Guerra and

recognized musicians in showbiz as Cachiro Thompson, Giovanni Hidalgo and Luisito Quintero, among others.
From there, Marco Camacho has been part of groups and major orchestras in Venezuela including, Gran Coquivacoa, Bacanos, Tecupae, Jorge Luis Chasí, Nelson Arrieta, Caibo, Wepa G, Jamboree, Sampao, Rincon Morales, Gozugaita, Gaiteros del Tablazo, Tensión Libre, Grupo Nuvó, Argenis Carruyo, y Los Aviadores, among others.
In Maracaibo, Camacho participated for many years in the Festival Gaitero with Gran Coquivacoa, Festival Mara de Oro and Festival El Cacique de Oro. He has participated in recordings of Gran Coquivacoa, Oscar D 'Leon, Rincon Morales, Bacanos, Caibo, El Binomio de Oro, Sampao, and currently he is in the completion of Sonsonero Borincuba’s project “Solo” where is going to be in the market in the upcoming months.

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