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Marcio Gaete

Drummer and percussionist since 1988. I studied with well-known teachers such as Jorge Araujo, Mario Gusso (Berkerley Buenos Aires), and Facundo Guevara, just to mention a few.

In 1992 I became part of the band “Los Gansos” (BMG) as a drummer, performing in several places such as “La Rural”, and appearing in the well-known Mario Pergolini’s television show “La TV Ataca”, under Dartañan Sarmiento’s direction.

From 1994 to 1996 I was part of the group as a drummer and percussionist “Mama Vaca” (Barca), together with Ale Sergi (Now-a-day part of “Miranda”), where we recorded our first album “Hombre Verde” edited in: Uruguay, Venezuela, Peru, Ecuador, Mexico, Puerto Rico and The United States of America by Elio Barbeitor.

From 1998 and 1999 I formed my own Rock project “Elefantes” (Independent) together with VJ. Curly (Much Music) as a lead voice, playing all around Argentina.

In 2001 I formed part as a drummer of the band “La Bonzaire Reggae Band” (Warner) under the conduction of Afo Verde and Andres Vigniolo. In the next two years after that I worked as a teacher and formed part of a Jazz band working all around Buenos Aires.

In 2004 I became part of the band “La 25”, recording their third album “Con el Rock en las venas” (Pop Art), and performing in “Obras” (today Pepsi Music Stadium) and several stages such as: Racing Club Micro-Stadium, Union Micro-Stadium (Santa Fe), La Usina (Cordoba), and more.

In summer of 2006 “La 25” was invited to play along with the great “The Rolling Stones” in two opportunities, in River Plate Stadium.

In the same year, in february, the band closed up the two festivals “Gessell Rock” and “Cosquin Rock”. Soon after that, in March, the band played again (sold out) in “Estadio Luna Park”. After performing, the band kept giving tours around the country, from Jujuy to Rio Gallegos.

In September, the band released its new record “Mundo Perfecto” (EMI) with the production of Nelson Pobal and Sr. Alvaro Villagra as the engineer. This record was performed for the first time in November the 25th in “Ferro Stadium” gathering 27 thousand people. During 2007 the same record was lunched in the inside of Argentina and in the bordering countries (Montevideo, Uruguay, and more) with noticeable response from the audience. In the middle of the same year the band started to record the new and last production “Mundo Imperfecto”. Now, as an independent band, “La 25” looked for to do everything (recordings and shows schedules) by its own, as a private and single company. This brand new production was performed by the first time, sold out, in October 26th in “Luna Park Stadium”.

After touring again, the band closed the year in Plaza de Mayo giving a free show in the “Che Guevara anniversary” for over 50 thousand people.

In 2008 the band toured again but now aiming to mayor stadium (such as Malvinas Argentinas Stadium – ex Argentinos Junior) in order not to do several shows in smaller places but one bigger.

In that year I started to play as a lead drums instead of being a percussionist and the band started to get ready to prepare in 2009 the first Mega Acoustic that was realized in March the 30th alive radio cast for the whole country. After this the band gave new shows in Cordoba (Usina), Mar del plata, Puerto Madryn, Trelew, Comodoro Rivadavia, Concordia, Parana, Zarate, Corrientes and in Buenos Aires in the “Malvinas Argentinas Stadium” and in December the 5th on “Alem Football Stadium” in General Rodriguez.

In May of 2010 the album SHOC is recorded alive in a CD and DVD format, this job was done together with the record company (POP ART) with a SONY MUSIC distribution of this material filmed in HD. This recording was in charged of the director OCTAVIO LOVISOLO and was recorded and mixed by ALBARO VILLAGRA who worked with CARLOS SANTANA among others.

In that year the material was presented in different micro stadiums that opened the way to several tours across the country with a great response from the audience. It important to stands out that SHOC “Siempre habra otro camino” went out on sales in a packaging deluxe limited edition for the closest fans of the band.

In 2011 the people of the legendary drums brand “GRETSCH” got in touch and closed a national endorser, apart from that the drums sticks company DT designed the sticks 5A signature, and the Soultone cymbals after that, that the band used with great pleasure.

Now day’s shows are being prepared across the country and in October in LUNA PARK, place where amazing concerts were held, national and international concerts.

“Another projects”

• “Graff” (Along with Jorge Prado) Fusion Jazz Project.

• “La 0220 Jazz Trio” (Recording an alive record on July 14th 2001 in the Italian Society)

• “A Ride” (Along with Rosario Ortega, younger daughter of the well known singer) for an edited production in France.

• “Hernan Mazzittelli Band” (recording “Como quieras”) Latin Jazz – Jazz Swing.

• “Mientras Tanto” (Estado Liquido) rock. Record in “los pajaros” with the participation of Leo Gacia, Charly Garcia as a technician, in the recording and mix.

• Since 2002 till now a days I’m instructing people giving drum classes.

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• Los Ganzos (Los Ganzoz) 1992 (CD/Vinilo) (BMG)

• Mama Vaca (Hombre Verde) 1994 (Barca)

• Elefantes (Cambio de Vida) 1998 (Independientes)

• La Bonzaire Reggae Band (Argentina) 2001 (Warner)

• La 25 (Con el Rock en las Venas) 2004 (Pop Art)

• La 25 (Ruta 25) 2005 (Pelo Music)

• La 25 (Mundo Perfecto) 2006 (EMI)

• La 25 (Mundo Imperfecto) 2007 (Independientes)

• La 25 (Shoc) 2010 (Pop Art – Sony Music)