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Born in Belo Horizonte (MG) and coming from a family of military musicians, where her aunts were teachers of piano and choir, Marcelo Auss began in the musical life in the 90s, when, at age 15, joined the Orchestra and choir of the Methodist Church BH Center under the baton of Eliel Nascimento.

His early musical studies took place in the self-taught, were three years to be able to study with the renowned teacher Dinho Santos, so its strong influence by Latin rhythms. Two years later he would enter in the former Symphony Music School where he studied with San Thiago Reither, Cuban teacher living in Brazil and one of the founders and organizers of the Cuban Music Conservatory. Also had the opportunity to study with Professor North American Jimmy Dchowny where deepened in theory and Jazz fundamentals, basics and applications.

The more than 13 years in the setting of gospel music Mining, Marcelo Auss already accompanied several artists like trumpeter Adriano Lopes, Bassist Sanchez Almeida Jackal, m'c Fred Da South, Asaph Borba, Matthew Duda, Banda Seventh Art, Rebuilding Banda, Banda Doxa and the producer and keyboardist Rodrigo Dias. Together with his band has shared the stage with big names like Ofinina G3, Preacher Luo, APC-16, PG, Thalles Roberto, Davi Sacer, Dj Adelson, Andrew D Avila, Roger Franco, among others, and also participated in radio and TV Gospel Mineira network.

The studios, recorded with various names, including Luciana (RJ), Band Doxa (MG) and Hezekiah Son (ES).

As a professor he taught at Symphony Music School (2003-2004), and also worked as a sales consultant in enterprise Serenade (2004 to 2006), and has served as a specialist for the company Guitar Shop (2007 to 2011).

He is currently a tutor and technical and commercial representative of the Music Business, a company representing the Musical Express in Minas Gerais, responsible for training retailers and sellers of groups. In his spare time, meet the musicians, studios, bars, nightclubs and churches in its restoration workshop, as luthier.

As a musician accompanies the Band Hezekiah Son, Karla Productions Orchestra and Ger-Action, with varied style pop and rock quite arrangements, the progressive aspects and footprint, which is his trademark.

Among his projects highlight the Solidarity Music, designed by him and his friend Douglas Silva. The project takes the song with the theme Peace In schools the schools of the region, gaining more strength and visibility to each section.

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