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Mahir Ishraq Hassan

Mahir Ishraq Hassan

Lost In Translation

Mahir Ishraq Hassan was born and brought up in Bangladesh, a country in South Asia. He lived there till he was 12, and moved to the United States that summer. Mahir began playing drums at the beginning of the same year he moved to the US, causing a break in his practice. However, he dedicated one entire suitcase to carry his practice pads, so he could continue drumming. At the age of 14, he moved again, to a different state. By that time, he had already bought a drumset, but was not able to play for months upon moving. With two major breaks in his drumming, he still kept pushing and driving towards his passion.
Today, he is the youngest drummer of Bangladesh to be an endorsing artist. He is also the youngest member of his band Lost In Translation, which he founded. The band consists entirely of Bangladeshis, most of who are graduate students. Lost In Translation is Mahir’s first major band, but he has worked with different projects over the years.
Mahir’s cymbal set up is designed to allow him to play across multiple genres and achieve versatility.

You can checkout Mahir on social media:
IG: @73_Mahir
Sc: mahirh_73

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